1、 Product Name

Lightweight PVC/PU conveyor belt

2、 Selection method


Color types: dark green, grass green, apple green, black, white, blue

3、 Product rendering


4、Coating classification

CodePaintcoat Material



  • No lateral stability polyester yarn fabric(A)

  • No lateral stability polyester fabric(B)

  • With lateral stability polyester fabric(100N/mm)(C)

  • Cotton and polyester blended fabrics(D)

  • Cotton and polyester yarn blended fabrics(E)

  • With lateral stability polyester fabric(80N/mm)(F)

  • Low noise fabric(G)

  • All-cotton fabric(H)

  • With lateral stability high strength polyester fabric(I)

  • No lateral stability high strength polyester fabric(J)


6、Product grain

1月牙纹Crescent pattern.png

1 Crescent pattern

2草纹High friction.png

2 High friction


3 Pattern

4直条纹Straigh pattern.png

4 Straigh pattern

5细圆台Round convex point.png

5 Round convex point

6波浪型草纹Wave shape high friction.png

6 Wave shape high friction

7菱形格Diamond lattice.png

7 Diamond lattice

8钻石纹Diamond pattern.png

8 Diamond pattern

9粗布纹Coarse cloth pattern.png

9 Coarse cloth pattern

10网眼纹Mesh pattern.png

10 Mesh pattern


11 Matt


12 Golf

13小圆点Small dots.png

13 Small dots

14倒三角凸齿花纹Convex teeth pattern.png

14 Convex teeth pattern

7、 Special processing types

Surface welding: processing of various non-standard shaped parts such as baffle plates, skirt edges, guide bars, and turning belts

Bottom welding: guide bar

Surface bonding: sponge, red glue, green glue

Punching: Any shape punching such as round holes, square holes, long strip holes, etc

8、 Welding technology

High frequency penetration hot melt welding

Hot melt welding on the surface of the welding gun