1、 Product Name

PU polyurethane open timing belt

2、 Product rendering





3、 Product Advantages

    1、The Farman open synchronous belt is extruded from thermoplastic elastomer polyurethane and has ultra-high wear resistance and slight corrosion resistance. Various types of wire cores ensure that the belt still has good operating performance during high load operation

    2、Farman polyurethane open synchronous belt has small production tolerance, reliable transmission, and stable size. During the production process, nylon cloth can be laminated on the tooth surface, tooth back, and both sides, except that red glue, PU glue, APL, foam, etc. can be laminated on the tooth back according to different customer needs to meet their different usage needs in different scenarios

4、 Mechanical characteristics

    1、Always maintain dimensional stability

    2、Low tension

    3、Low tension with high wear resistance

    4、Good colloid elasticity

    5、High linear speed

    6、High linear speed

5、 Chemical properties

    1、Anti aging

    2、Hydrolysis resistance

    3、UV resistant UVA

    4、UV resistant UVA

    5、Working temperature:-20~80℃

    6、Oil, grease, and lubricating oil resistance

    7、Resistance to mild acid and alkali corrosion